Homemade Galette de Sarrasin with Cheesy Chorizo and Egg

Happy Sunday!

I know that might be a bit of a misnomer for some of you but being currently out of the job loop means I don’t get that dreaded Monday feeling, which has pros and cons all of its own! The Boy and I used to go for long walks in Saint Germain most Sundays but we haven’t in a while, so in order to make the most of the beautiful autumnal weather we had today we spent some time at the park .

image (7)image (8)

However, before we indulged in such sunshine we spent the morning making from scratch galette de sarrasin (those buckwheat savoury crêpes I mentioned in one of my previous posts). So so so so good!!!

Credit where it’s deserved – The Boy made the batter and the galettes themselves tasted exactly like the restaurant version, not to mention the delicious ingredients I added – cheese, spicy chorizo and a sunny-side up egg on top. So filling too, I couldn’t believe he didn’t want seconds!

image (9)

The recipe is as follows:

The batter

2 eggs
250g buckwheat flour
50cl of cold tap water
40g of melted butter
Dash of salt (and pepper)

Mix all together, you’ll find it has a much more watery consistency than standard crêpe batter. Pour a ladle-sized amount into a very hot pan (I used extra virgin coconut oil to fry these bad boys and you couldn’t detect a hint of its flavour; standard butter or oil are obviously fine too). Once you’ve got a good stack going on, you can keep them on a plate in the micro-wave or oven so they stay warm.

The filling

Slice your chorizo and heat in a pan with about half a tin of chopped tomatoes (I didn’t add oil as the meat itself has enough). I added chilli powder and paprika to strengthen the look and taste. In a seperate pan, crack however many eggs you require and leave to cook. When all is done, put your galette back in the pan to regain some heat, sprinkle the cheese and add the chorizo and the egg (see photo above). Fold the sides, (if you can manage!) and slide on to your plate.

image (12)

Break fast is served 🙂


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