Sweet Sugar Skull and Spicy Pumpkin Cake (Post-Halloween post!)

Hi everyone! So I wanted to share with you what I got up to the night of Halloween, I know this is a bit late but I’ve just been busy these past few days so forgive me!

I decided to ‘go’ as a sugar skull because I’ve always loved the creepy beauty of them, plus they’re a symbol of how other cultures, Mexican in this case, celebrate Halloween or ‘Day of the Dead’. (Plus I wouldn’t need an actual outfit as the make-up speaks for itself!) I’d been looking at a ton of tutorials on Youtube and found this one that really pleased me, so I bought the necessary make-up and off I went!

As I started applying the white base, I was feeling really unsure that I’d made the right decision. As someone who never wears make-up and then chooses to full on paint their face, I was starting to think I’d over-estimated my abilities. However as I continued to follow the steps and applied some colour and detail, it all finally came together and I could not have been happier with the result.

image (10)

I was honestly feeling like Superwoman at this point because my day had been so jam-packed but I still managed to go to La Defense in the morning to buy a floral headband, have lunch with The Boy, came home and cleaned the apartment, made a pumpkin cake!!! and still did all my sugar skull make-up.

Yes, pumpkin cake. My God it was delicious. I used one of the pumpkins I wrote about in my previous October Appreciation post, the tiny Jack-be-Little. I found that the flesh had a coconut-y taste so it was definitely going into the cake mixture.

image (1)

Here’s what I used:

-175g plain flour
-175g sugar
-175g butter (melted on a low heat)
-175g pumpkin flesh
-3 eggs
-10 dates (optional; de-seeded, chopped and soaked for 10m in hot water)
-2tspn of baking powder
-2tspn of cinnamon and mixed spice

Mix all your ingredients together, grease a baking tin and put in the oven for 30-40m on 200C. I also melted 50g of  dark chocolate with 25g of butter, put in a piping bag and piped a basic spider web design on the cake for that festive feel. The cake was warm and spicy, and the sweet dates give some texture.

Did you guys get up to any baking for Halloween? If anyone went trick or treating I would love to see your costumes!



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