The Kale Effect

Guys, don’t judge from the title of this blog post that I’m way behind the times and that I only heard about kale two days ago. This little guy, for the longest time it seems, has infiltrated our social media, smoothies, everyday conversations, wardrobes and even our dreams at night! (I’m guilty of the you can judge me).

Anyway, you’re thinking ‘So, kale..great..and what?’ The what is that France has F I N A L L Y started to catch on to the most friendly vegetable currently known to mankind. Having followed a variety of social media accounts for over a year and witnessing the insane craze that has been created over kale, you would think it would be available everywhere. Clearly not, but I’m willing to forgive and forget just as long as chou-frisé is here to stay!

My friend Margot messaged me last week with a titillating picture – she’d just bought a bunch for €2.50 at our local Monoprix. You can imagine I was green with envy. The first thing I literally did the next day was go straight to the supermarket and grab myself a bunch. Once it was in my reach, I realised I wasn’t sure what to do with it, such as the possibilities are endless. I was happy just to know it was sitting in my fridge where no-one could take it away from me.

I finally decided I was going to add a few kale leaves to my winter warming soup I made over the weekend. I had every intention of sticking to just leek and potatoes, but then went in the kale, a carrot, some mushrooms…the end result was yummier than I was expecting with a rich green colour (check out my Instagram for a look!) Next week I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with a bunch of friends and I’ve decided to make a kale and Brussels sprout salad which I’ll be posting about so don’t go anywhere!

image (17)

Today, I found this great recipe online for a warm kale and bacon salad, with mejdool dates, almonds and a creative dressing (I didn’t follow the recipe to a T – I used lardons instead of bacon, regular dates as they were all I had to hand, added half an avocado and omitted the almonds because I had none left!) The end result was still sooo delicious, though next time I would add less dates as it became a bit too sweet for me.

I’ll keep you guys updated on Thanksgiving – until then, gros bisous!


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