Stuffed Pepper Pots

So I made these Stuffed Pepper Pots during the week for dinner, and they were uh-mah-zinggg. You definitely know it’s a winner if you can get a boy to wolf down a vegetable stuffed with vegetables!! It was really simple and full of healthy ingredients. It’s also gluten-free for all you fussy eaters and depending whether you omit/substitute the meat and cheese, it can be vegan too.


Love these colours! I only used two bell peppers but the stuffing mixture was so much that I easily could have made all four.


Bell peppers
Feta cheese
Sliced ham
Mix of grated veggies and sliced courgette
Seasoning – black pepper, chili powder, lemon juice (I don’t like to add salt to my food, plus there is already salt in the cheese and meat).


Slice the stalks off of the peppers and put to one side as they will later serve as the ‘lid’ to your ‘pot.’ Gentle scrape the seeds out from inside the peppers and discard. Drizzle oil on the skin and place in a hot oven for about 10m on 200C so they start to soften a little.


Meanwhile, in two separate pans, start cooking the quinoa and vegetables. I’m not big on measuring quantities so make a reasonable estimate as to how much you require, plus the amounts of both will vary depending on the size and amount of peppers you have. Once they are cooked through, mix together in one pan and add your seasoning. The mix of chili with lemon or lime goes together makes for a really nice burst of flavour, otherwise I find quinoa to be quite bland!

Remove the peppers from the oven and start layering the fillings with quinoa and veg, feta cheese and ham. I would’ve preferred diced or shredded chicken but a) we didn’t have any and b) even if we did I would’ve been too lazy to cook it!! #reallife


With the lids on, place back in the oven for 5-10 mins on 200C so the cheese starts to soften and melt and it all becomes goddamn irresistible inside.

Ta-da! Super easy right?



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