Home-made Baba Ghanoush

If you’ve come here thinking I’m going to tell you how to make ‘coy daddy’ or ‘pampered papa’ you’ve come to the right place, apparently that’s what baba ghanoush actually means!! (Thank you Wikipedia, for your commitment to my education).

Now you might remember my post about my first Thanksgiving dinner I went to this year where I made a salad – I know I’m so festive(!) Well I’ve had an aubergine left over ever since and I just had no idea what to do with it. I don’t really know why I bothered buying it in the first place because I don’t even like aubergines… I blame it on the holiday season making me go crazy.

Anyway, last week whilst I was making my awesome Stuffed Pepper Pots I got an epiphany and decided to make baba ghanoush because what’s the main ingredient? You got it. I figured with all the different spices I wouldn’t be able to really tell that I was eating aubergine, which made it more appetising than just roasting slices of it in the oven. This was a real trial-and-error experience because I’d never made it before but I can’t think of a time when I’ve eaten it either, it’s just something you see on cooking programmes. So I wasn’t prepared with a concrete idea of what typical BG should look or taste like, that said I really enjoyed how it turned out!


Yin and Yang?

This is also a special recipe because it has no tahini. Why? Because it’s not an item I ever use and the one time I bought it I gave it to my friend because it was just useless in my kitchen. I wasn’t going to buy a 7 euro jar just for this recipe – I guess pampered papa wasn’t feeling so pampered after all. The result? So garlicky just like I like it with a nice twang of lemon. I’m glad I only had one aubergine because it allowed me to experiment without wasting too many ingredients in case it turned into a disaster. Ok I’ll stop writing now and just give you the recipe:

IMG_1695 IMG_1696


~Aubergine/eggplant (most recipes call for at least 3, if you’re not sure how you’ll like it then try with 1)
~Sliced shallot and garlic (I used 1 large shallot and 3 medium-sized cloves)
~Seasoning – s&p, half a tspn of ground cumin, 1/4 cup of olive oil and lemon juice

I quartered the aubergine, sliced the shallot and garlic and put it in the micro-oven for about 1hr at 200C. I didn’t add any oil because aubergine’s soak it up and I didn’t want it to be a greasy mess at the end. The shallots and garlic had a smoky taste, being smaller they cooked a lot lot quicker so if that’s not your thing you could just fry them separately in a pan.

I peeled the skins off the aubergine and had this weird urge to just rip into them. I saw this mushy, grainy texture hiding beneath. A part of me wondered if that was literally the only part meant to be added in BG but a bigger part of me didn’t care and just threw it in the blender, along with all the other ingredients and spices. (Don’t go overboard on the cumin, it’s another food thing I’m not fond of so I only used a little because it can be overpowering.)


Using the blender, I realised it wasn’t mixing as well because I just didn’t have a big enough quantity to reach the blades, so next time I’m for sure going to use more aubergines (or you could dice it up real small and mix in one of those mini herb blenders). Due to that, the BG didn’t have a smooth texture but was rather chunky – I loved it but of course go with what suits you.



Serving suggestion – grill seeded bread and spread with feta cheese and baba ghanoush



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