Galette des Roi (ou Reine!) & Happy 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a fantastic start to 2015 and continue as we all mean to go on…or at least try to!

We saw the New Year in with a little house party chez nous and a small gathering of friends. The Boy had cocktails and a lovely buffet of finger-foods ready and waiting! The only thing I felt up for making from scratch was chocolate brownies at the last minute because as luck had it, I came down with gastro. Disgusting and painful doesn’t even begin to describe it, but I’ll leave it there for now. Thankfully I was over the worst of it come December 31st and I had such a great time celebrating the new year with my lovely and my friends. What did you all get up to over the holiday period?

Now that we’re in to the first week of January, the Christmas decorations and lights are coming down and life basically goes back to normal. It’s a mixture of sadness and relief. I absolutely love the festive spirit because it’s a feeling we all share but at the same time the holiday season can be very hectic and stressful, and I always appreciate getting back into a routine of work.

Something I wanted to share with all you lovely readers is an edible tradition celebrated in France and other European countries on the 6th January. This day marks the Epiphany, 12 days after Christmas when supposedly the Three Wise Kings, the magi, visited the baby Jesus following his birth with gifts in tow. In France, this day is celebrated with the eating of galette des roi, roughly meaning King’s cake though it’s more of a large pastry than cake in the traditional sense.


image (1)

Now it’s taken me a while to get through writing this post because I have been doing exactly that – eating a galette des roi. This crispy yet soft ‘cake’ is made from layers of filo pastry with a, tyically, frangipane filling of sweet, moist ground almonds. Divine. They are available in absolutely every supermarket or boulangerie and I think it’s a perfect excuse to get the family together again. Now if you want to follow tradition correctly, and I’m sure you all do, the way to celebrate is someone cuts the cake in slices whilst the youngest member of the family sits under the table. Once ready, everyone digs in until someone munches on the fève (the favour), which back in the day used to be a simple bean but now varies from miniature superheros (I got the Hulk once) to festive trinkets like the snowman I got tonight! The winner is declared King or Queen, gets to wear the little paper crown that comes with the galette and is crowned royalty until next year!


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