Tea? Lots of tea!

If anybody out there is super-duper cool enough to know that the title of this post comes from the film Drop Dead Fred, the mud-pie-cornflake-disease part, I salute you (a firm childhood favourite for everyone in my family!)

I am a bit late in posting my lovely Christmas present that I received from The Boy, but I’ve just been enjoying the holiday season so much! He bought me something I’d been wanting for a long time, une boîte de thé, which is basically a tea box! I’d never seen one of these in households before I came to France and as a tea-lover I just had to be part of the club. I was so so happy with my present!

Combining two of my greatest loves, books and tea, he managed to find a tea box in the shape of a book (this boy’s a genius I tell you). I adore the fabric exterior and how the the sides really imitate the look of a book. Along with it came a selection box of tisanes or infusion teas from English Tea Shop, a selection of black and green teas with a handy tea-ball from Dammann Frères AND another Dammann Frères variety box of Christmas teas from his mum! I’m in tea heaven.


IMG_2031 IMG_2039

IMG_2043 IMG_2046

Above is the Christmas Tea selection where the combination of flavours and perfumes is limitless – pink peppercorns, orange peel, gingerbread, apple, almond, pineapple, cherry, vanilla… you get the idea!

IMG_2047 IMG_2050

The prettiest colours in all the land! I honestly felt so sad throwing away the pack on the left because it’s already so neat and pretty! But I’m delighted all the sachets fit neatly into my lovely new box and the bright colours are still there. January never tasted so delicious.



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