Happy Galentine’s Day!

Hands up those who are Parks and Rec fans (ALL hands should be up!!) Then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say Happy Galentine’s Day – the day of the year when we gather up all our girlfriends to show our love and appreciation for each other! ❤

Now this is usually meant to be celebrated on February 13th but seeing as though that was a Friday this year and we were all working, we decided to have our Galentine’s brunch yesterday in Paris. The girls picked a trendy spot in the 2nd arronidissement called Lockwood which was really easy to get to. (I admit their website is lacking quite a lot in information which is a shame because it is a perrrfect brunch/coffee-shop spot, which also comes with an underground bar serving cocktails and tapas in the evening which I hope to experience with The Boy very soon!)

Arriving at 2pm, there was still plenty of seats remaining but mostly just tables for two or bar stools which wasn’t really going to work for our group of 5. However we kindly asked them to put two different tables together which wasn’t a problem. Next came the hardest task of all – choosing what to eat! Their menu was simple but had our mouths watering just reading it, and I have to say everything was very decently priced considering how big our portions ended up.


I chose the avocado toast topped with a poached egg, tons of rocket and a balsamic reduction, served alongside beetroot hummus, feta sauce/mayonnaise and a smattering of crushed peanuts. And of course bacon. Always bacon. It was absolutely divine. Hannah had the same as me, Margot too but chose smoked salmon instead of bacon. Eleonora and Michaela opted for the sweeter side, with a stack of banana and blueberry pancakes served dripping in maple syrup (and bacon). My latte was served in a gorgeous letterbox-red teacup and saucer, while the other girls drank white wine (CAVEAT: this being their cheapest wine, it ended up costing 40 euros which we weren’t aware of in the beginning, having not been given a wine list or told of the extravagant price. Apparently glasses are sold for 8 euros a pop so have a think if it’s worth it!)

IMG_2377 IMG_2378


The décor was modern whilst remaining warm and the hobbit-sized stools were actually so comfortable to sit on. One of the staff members asked if someone from our table would be willing to take a photograph with a coffee cup for the shops’ Instagram, so if anyone wonders where Hannah’s modelling career kicked off you heard it here first. The place was very chilled out with great music playing overhead and I’m itching to see what the bar aspect has to offer.

IMG_2369 IMG_2371


Hannah did the most thoughtful thing and gave us all a Galetine’s card with our Parks and Rec person on the front and a beautiful personal message inside. Thank you Hannah!! Even if everyone does think I’m a meanie like April 😛 it was a wonderful moment to spend with my best girlies and I had the evening to do something special with The Boy too – don’t worry, I didn’t forget it was actually Valentines Day! I cannot stop thinking of that amazing meal though. I’m currently writing this post with only a cup of coffee inside me, yet I do have toast, avocados and eggs in the kitchen…


Gros bisous!


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