Weekend break in Brittany (part 1)

Monday was the fourth and final public holiday in France for the month of May. That’s right, FOURTH. Everyone goes crazy waiting for May to arrive (cue the Justine Timberlake meme…) because we just basically never go to work. Last weekend I made the most of our public holiday on the Thursday and booked the Friday off work to enjoy a long weekend somewhere out of Paris, and that ended up being Brittany!

I didn’t really know what to expect from the region, as all I’ve ever heard people say when they describe Brittany is ‘it rains.’ I was however looking forward to a real change of scenery, being outdoors and living the country life for a few days. I wasn’t disappointed.

We stayed in a small village called Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer which is right on the coast and has some small islands surrounding it which you can reach by walking at low-tide (I’m sure there are some technical names for all of that but as if I have any idea). Our location turned out perfect, as we were only a 30m drive from the popular town St-Malo, and about a 15m drive away from the towns Dinan and Dinard.


As we were four, we rented an adorable little house through AirBnb that had a maritime theme running through and was less than a 5 minute walk away to a little beach! Louis was adamant about going fishing, so the morning we arrived we stopped off at a specialist shop to buy some equipment and that evening we threw our lines into the sea. We came home so very empty-handed, as did all the other fishermen so I guess it’s not a great area for a catch, but it was still so much fun nevertheless. I’d always wanted to try fishing and as long as you have a beer in the other hand and the sun on your face, it’s not the worst way to spend an afternoon.

We quickly popped into Saint Malo for lunch, trying out a traditional restaurant creperie Louis had looked up called Le Tournesol (The Sunflower). If you know even one thing about Brittany, it’s that this is where crepes were invented and rule supreme. Lunch was so rich and filling, and technically it was a galette not a crepe, both of which I could eat all day!

IMG_3204 IMG_3206


The following day we spent the afternoon in Dinan, an adorable medieval town brimming with oak-beams and cobbled streets. We had anexceptional lunch here at a rustic restaurant called Le Lycorn (The Unicorn). The interor was so warming, filled with deep colours and dark woods. We all said we want to come back in winter and have a hearty raclette by the fireside! The girls got mussels in different broths, whilst the guys shared a …. which is basically meat on a hook, covered in an alcohol of your choosing and set on fire. It was incredible. Safe to say everyone was bursting by the end of it.

IMG_3247 IMG_3245


IMG_3257 IMG_3259

We walked around the town a little, trying to burn some calories but ended up building up a thirst. We walked past a cafe called, appropriately so judging by the fact it was about 4pm, Tea Time. As you can understand, we really had no other option than to go inside and grab a table. The owners, I assume husband and wife, were so helpful in recommending different teas and flavours to suit our tastes and I was so delighted by the level of interest and genuine desire to hep us. After filling our cup, we slowly made our way back to the house and got out the fishing rods once more. However we were no luckier than the last time!

IMG_3271 IMG_3274



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