Gazpacho Cooler

Bonjour tout le monde!

Is anyone else trying their best to not melt under this heatwave that has hit Paris recently? Yep, thought so! Last weekend the canicule was totally unbearable, reaching highs of 39 degrees C!! Between a few cold showers and a cheeky nap here and there, the worst was fought off but it meant that ultimately we spent the whole day indoors as it was much cooler than outside.

So, what do we do best when we’re at home? Cooking, yay! I don’t build up much of an appetite during the really hot days yet of course it’s still really important to eat otherwise you’ll probably end up fainting from the heat. Our answer to that problem was home-made gazpacho!

The first time I tried gazpacho was only about a year or so ago, and to be honest the thought of having COLD soup weirded me out. But I’ll always try something once and I’m glad I shook off that irrational thinking because gazpacho is freakin awesome. You’re basically having at least half your daily intake of fruits and veggies all at once in a delicious, refreshing mix of spices and herbs. The ingredients are fresh, seasonal and cheap. Plus it takes literally 5m to make. Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily require tons of effort! Here’s what Louis and I used and it turned out incredible.

DSC_0669 Gazpacho cooler

Prep time: 10m          Cooking time: 0             Fridge time: 30-60m


(We got about 6 medium-sized servings out of this recipe)

1 red bell pepper
10 medium-sized tomatoes (we used ‘noir de crimée’ tomatoes which have a dark green/black colour on top. They taste amazing but the colour did ultimately darken the gazpacho mix as a whole so stick to red tomatoes if you want a more vibrant result).
Half a cucumber
Small onion
2 cloves of garlic
Handful of fresh basil and rosemary (or whatever herbs you like really)
1/3 cup of EVOO
1/2 cup of water
Lots of salt and black pepper, good splash of tobasco to finish


Chop everything up, place in the blender along with the EVOO and water. Blend to a smooth consistency, add seasoning to taste and leave in the fridge for at least 30-60m (you can easily catch up on a TV show during this time). Serve in bowls with hot, crusty baguette smothered in some more EVOO. Bon appetit! DSC_0672