Head in the clouds: a week in Megève

Hello beautiful people, it’s been a while hasn’t it! I’m not sure where I’ve been actually. I was lacking in inspiration these past few weeks hence my absence but I feel like I’m getting my groove back. With fall just round the corner (God I’m saying fall now, who am I?), I’m looking forward to a change. If I’m really honest I’m so sick of summer. September has always felt like the real ‘new year’ to me because it’s when we all come out of our R&R and get back into mission mode. Despite nature slowly dying all around us, it’s the time when we throw ourselves back into the world. And I for one feel like I need a revolution. What is my new mission? TBD, but for the moment I want to round off the near-end of summer with a recap of my gorgeous week away in the Alps.

Louis and I managed to get away from the capital for a week to the fresh, sunny mountains in a little town called Megève. This is really a winter destination as the skiing on the peaks is meant to be incredible, and looking at those slopes in the clear gaze of summer it is obvious why. Having realised that I’ve never actually visited the mountains before (the French scoff at all our ‘hills’ in the UK), I was so excited to visit this place.


The peaks of Mont Blanc in the background as we took the cable-car up Mont d’Arbois (and then walked down!)



Beautiful landscape. I heart mountains!



Rolling fields



Louis getting creative using the macro lens on a pretty butterfly.






Tourist attraction! Basically serves as a taxi too



Who would’ve thought this pretty chalet is a casino?!



Some light shopping dear?



Only Parisians dress this smart to go hiking 😛






We got lost on the hike and ended up walking down designated ski slopes! I guess we’ll just have to go again in winter for snowy photos 😉



Yes it was the height of summer – but we still had to get charcuterie for a raclette!



En ville



Our chalet! There were two other apartments within the building along with ours



Beautiful herds around every corner



Sunny sunny days



Local goodies



Megeve from above



Off into the wild


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