Home improvements

Coucou tout le monde!

I don’t know about you guys, but I know that trying to get creative in the kitchen with limited space and resources is a bitch. We constantly bemoan the fact that ours is so ill-equipped: it lacks adequate counter space, there’s no freaking oven, and we don’t have enough cupboards to store our food. Well, we didn’t.

We made the decision last week to order a kitchen unit of 8 cupboard units AND an oven!!! We used this French website where you can literally buy everything -from an Xbox to washing machines – for a lot cheaper than the going retail price. In a way it was kind of risky because we obviously weren’t able to look at the material and quality of the kitchen in the flesh, but having bought stuff before from the site we knew we could trust it. And guess what, it paid off.

Louis, the goddamn angel, mounted all the units himself over 2 days. He cleared out our old worktop table, scrubbed from top to bottom and got pretty handy with an electric drill. I guess men are useful for some things eh! The result as you can see is amazing – there were colours ranging from bright red to aubergine but this wooden tone with a charcoal surface top was the best looking.


All we had on the right-hand side before was a table, microwave-oven and a shelf!




Seeing as we’re both big foodies, cooking never feels like a chore. The thing I’m most excited to do when I get home from work is cook a tasty (and usually healthy) meal. An apology to the feminists out there, but I’m so excited to spend even more time in the kitchen.


See the oven in the centre?! Hallelujah!


The teapot and steam-bubble stickers add a playful touch – plus we can write on them with chalk!

We also did a bigggg general clean and sort out of the entire flat – we’ve ended up throwing out so much junk, clothes and useless furniture that it feels like you can breathe again. Life admin – done. High-five for teamwork!


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