A Work in Progress

It’s been a while folks, I know, but I’m pretty much over the ‘omg it’s been soooooo long im soooo sorry I’ll do better’ routine.

Getting back to basics, I’d started this blog to document my trials in the kitchen when I was at a pretty ‘simple’ time in my life, i.e. I was still working as a PA in a fairly low-stress professional environment with standard working hours and Louis was still doing a lot of work and research from home into his own food-based business. This meant that even though both of us were working full-time, we were still able to have and enjoy our free time together without the stress and anxiety of our jobs getting in the way. Coming home and getting in the kitchen never felt like a chore and I never felt tooo exhausted to create something interesting and blog about it.

Ever since I got this great new job as a communications assistant in an international organisation, (praise the Lord that this even happened!!!), I’ve definitely had a lot more responsibilities to take into account which I am so grateful for but of course these are bound to take a toll in other areas of your life, mainly the free, non-working time. During the super busy period of getting our economic publication finalised, I would literally wake up, work and then sleep. That’s basically what it felt like, and as Louis’ business is getting ever serious, it left little time to unwind.

And to be honest (I know I shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘and’!), I was just really lacking in any cooking inspiration. I quite simply had lost interest in anything more complicated than “I need to eat to function”, I wasn’t interested in the funky accounts I follow on Instagram or the blogs I usually spend hours trawling over. It just became something I had to accept for while – I wasn’t going to force writing articles and posting pictures if I didn’t really and truly want to. The OCD-ness in me got quashed once I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t have a neat, chronological account of posts on the blog (you’ll see there are more gaps than posts for 2016), but hey, there are actual real life problems to sort out.

So what is the point of this post? Well I’m not here to say bye-bye to blogging, actually it’s re-bonjour! This past month and a half has been very calm, so much so we even spent a week in Bordeaux relaxing and this weekend we’re making an impromptu trip to Normandy. I’ve started feeling a lot more inspired by some new as well as some old faithful blogs that I’ve been following for a while, to start using my time more efficiently and consciously so I can incorporate other personal goals into my everyday life. I’m not sure I want this blog to be 10000% just about food – as much as I am a private person, I feel that sharing other aspects of my life and routine that interest me can be just as thought-provoking for you too. There’s no recipe attached to this post, just me, myself and words. For now 🙂

Aman x



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