Hi and welcome to my food-based blog, Amuze Bouches!

What does the name mean?

Amuze Bouches (normally spelt amuse bouche but I guess that’s what we call creativity), literally translates from French into ‘amusing or entertaining the mouth.’

It is used to describe the teeny-tiny, complimentary, edible delights, which aren’t normally found on the menu, offered at restaurants at the beginning of your meal used as a way to ‘excite the palette’ before the real show begins. It is also a way for chefs to experiment with new ideas and exercise their creative angst.

Is this what the blog will be about?

Well, kind of. It will be mainly be about a mix of typical French cuisine and the recipes I find myself improvising in the kitchen.

Now I’m gonna tell it to you straight – I’m not a gluten-free, paleo-obsessed, lacto-intolerant, meat-hating fussy eater, and this blog won’t be centred around those kinds of ideas or trends. Whilst I always try to eat the best possible food I can find and afford and make healthy-eating a priority, I also love eating and making ‘unhealthy’ food which might have more crème fraiche and unrefined flour than you can handle. I mean, that’s just what real life is like.

I hope to bombard you with just about everything – food of course, but also fun things I get up to with The Boy or my friends, seasonal activities, things that are happening in Paris and whatever else I find interesting!

So, who are you?

My name’s Aman, I’m a 24yr old girl from England who moved to Saint Germain en Laye, a western suburb of Paris, 2 years ago and now they can’t get rid of me! I’m currently playing house with a tall, glass of French water and his adorable little cat. I hope you all enjoy, if you have any comments I’d be pleased to read.


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