Kitchen Staples

Bonjour mes amis! The weather in Paris is getting decidedly worse by the day and the flat gets absolutely freezing sometimes, so to cheer myself up I’m going to tell you about a few of my coup de couer, (meaning favourite) kitchen items. Not only are they extremely handy and practical, I think they’re lovely to look at too!


Monsieur Mixer

Living on a budget, I definitely could not afford one of these trendy blenders like a Vitamix, and even the cheapest brands in Paris are still really expensive, so I used to use a hand-held pulverizer to make all my smoothies and soups. It still worked a dream but I was limited with how many ingredients I could use and the quantity I was able to make. Then it broke. So when the unofficial-in-laws asked us what we would like for Christmas I immediately knew what to suggest, and guess what? Joyeux Noel to me because they bought it for us early! The boy came home with the blender in one hand and patisseries in the other on the weekend, what a doll. Christened it with a melon and banana smoothie, yum!


Lady Shaker

About a month ago, we did a big shop at a Zodio, which is a French home decoration store/warehouse with an amaaazing array of items for every domestic need. I wasn’t too keen on this little cocktail shaker at first, preferring the classic silver type but now I absolutely love it. It includes 4 recipes on the sides with all the measurements so you’ll never get lost whilst shaking up a storm, unless you’ve had a few too many…


Madame Théière

When I was working for a family and teaching English to their two little girls here in France, I always admired their théière, a cast-iron teapot with a large, deep strainer set within for tea leaves. They originate from Japan where they are called tetsubin or kyūsu , and are traditionally hung over a fire to boil water. They come with tiny handle-less cups to drink from which are very efficient at burning your fingertips so be careful! As a tea lover, there’s nothing better than sipping in style.

IMG_0685  IMG_0673

Papa Pestle (& Mortar)

The Boy was sooo keen to get this and when someone is that adorable you just can’t say no. Pestle and mortars have an ancient, apothecarial feel to them, (yes I’m making up words now, feel free to join me) which should really make no sense anymore in our modern world. However our porcelain pal was a cracker at smashing up M&M’s when we made our crêpes last week. Modern medicine at its best!


I know these names are so silly, but once I started I was on a roll!